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Do you struggle with work life balance? Are you excited to get out of bed and work on something you truly love, that feeds your creativity and passions and that allows you to make an impact? Or do you feel success in one area of your life requires sacrifice in another? Well, work doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you didn’t have to sell your soul, compromise your values or forgo professional success to achieve work life balance?

Join former BBC journalist, best-selling author and digital nomad Blaire Palmer and her guests as they share inspirational, honest and real conversations. A Brilliant Gamble is a great resource for those seeking real-life advice and insight based on the actual experiences of people just like you who are re-thinking how to balance work, life and self.

Learn practical strategies that will help you design a blended life - integrating work, family and self - to create a work life you love. You’ll hear inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders and others embracing new ways of working to design a life they love.

A must-listen for fans of Jess Lively, Michael Hyatt, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss.

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    105 Grit Girl, with Sunday Burquest

    In 2012. Sunday Burquest was diagnosed with breast cancer. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and a bout with depression she discovered she was much stronger than she imagined and decided to follow her dream and ended up on the 33rd season of the Emmy award-winning reality tv show Survivor Millennials vs Gen-x.

    Sunday describes herself as a Grit Girl and I was very keen to talk to her about how she’s embraced so much change in her life, ignored any suggestion that she shouldn’t do certain things “at her age” and how she continues to challenge herself even after her Survivor experience.

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    104 Confessions of a Menopausal Woman with Andrea McLean

    I’m so excited to bring you my conversation with TV presenter and journalist, Andrea McLean, because there couldn’t be a better way to start the year.

    Not only is Andrea a huge presence on TV as co-host of Loose Women but she’s also the author of a new book – Confessions of a Menopausal Woman – which tells the story of her own abrupt menopause and what the experience is teaching her (and us).

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    103 Mike Robbins - Bring Your Whole Self to Work

    Today’s guest is Mike Robbins, thought leader, sought after speaker, and the author of four books including Bring Your Whole Self to Work. In this conversation we talk about how personal development is becoming more acceptable within the work environment, how disappointment and tragedy in Mike’s own life forced him to re-think at a relatively young age about what would really make him happy and fulfilled and how to change the story you tell yourself about yourself.

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    102 Building Family in to Your Business Plan with Madeleine Lambert

    It seems to me that most change isn’t initiated by us but thrust upon us or dropped in to our path. If you’ve had an interesting life up to this point and want that to continue, you’re probably someone who grabs those unplanned opportunities and runs with them.

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    101 Putting People First with Mark Williams

    I spend much of my time inside big business. As a keynote speaker and coach for leaders I’m very familiar with the ways large organisations operate and the universal challenges that they face against a backdrop of a world changing faster than ever before.

    For years I’ve been trying to help those organisations and their leaders to change. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they find it impossible. It’s always painful. Change hurts!

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    100 Help Me, with Marianne Power

    Do we ever really change? I’ve spent 20 years attempting to help individuals and companies to grow and develop so the concept that people are capable of change sits right at the heart of that. If we don’t ever change, what have I been doing all this time?!

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    99 Escape Velocity, with Lee Feldman

    I loved talking to Lee - partly because he thinks so differently to many people in the corporate world. Yet, everything he talks about - and the way he sees the challenges and opportunities facing business - are practical and compelling. You don't have to run a small, funky tech company to be inspired by his approach - big business can get it too.

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    98 Renting Your Job or Owning It, with Mark Fritz

    Most of us work with people and it tends to be the people stuff that makes work brilliant and awful. If you’re having problems at work most likely they are people problems. This is why, of course, so many people are looking to change their job or change their company. But what if you take yourself with you when you go?

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    96 Do A Day – An interview with Bryan Falchuk

    Today's show is another archive show – my interview with Bryan Falchuk. Bryan is the author of a wonderful book called "Do A Day" in which he explores why we get stuck in bad habits and how to break those habit...for good!

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