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Do you struggle with work life balance? Are you excited to get out of bed and work on something you truly love, that feeds your creativity and passions and that allows you to make an impact? Or do you feel success in one area of your life requires sacrifice in another? Well, work doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you didn’t have to sell your soul, compromise your values or forgo professional success to achieve work life balance?

Join former BBC journalist, best-selling author and digital nomad Blaire Palmer and her guests as they share inspirational, honest and real conversations. A Brilliant Gamble is a great resource for those seeking real-life advice and insight based on the actual experiences of people just like you who are re-thinking how to balance work, life and self.

Learn practical strategies that will help you design a blended life - integrating work, family and self - to create a work life you love. You’ll hear inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders and others embracing new ways of working to design a life they love.

A must-listen for fans of Jess Lively, Michael Hyatt, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss.

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    106 The Princess of 42nd Street

    Can you imagine seeing porn stars having sex in your backyard, or watching a topless waitress breastfeeding a kitten at one of your parent’s parties?

    Well, today’s guest lived that life. Romola Hodas was the eldest daughter of Marty (Martin) Hodas, aka “Times Square’s King of Porn,” the man who almost single-handedly built New York City’s pornography and adult entertainment industry from the 1960s to the 1980s.

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    105 Grit Girl, with Sunday Burquest

    In 2012. Sunday Burquest was diagnosed with breast cancer. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and a bout with depression she discovered she was much stronger than she imagined and decided to follow her dream and ended up on the 33rd season of the Emmy award-winning reality tv show Survivor Millennials vs Gen-x.

    Sunday describes herself as a Grit Girl and I was very keen to talk to her about how she’s embraced so much change in her life, ignored any suggestion that she shouldn’t do certain things “at her age” and how she continues to challenge herself even after her Survivor experience.

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    104 Confessions of a Menopausal Woman with Andrea McLean

    I’m so excited to bring you my conversation with TV presenter and journalist, Andrea McLean, because there couldn’t be a better way to start the year.

    Not only is Andrea a huge presence on TV as co-host of Loose Women but she’s also the author of a new book – Confessions of a Menopausal Woman – which tells the story of her own abrupt menopause and what the experience is teaching her (and us).

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    103 Mike Robbins - Bring Your Whole Self to Work

    Today’s guest is Mike Robbins, thought leader, sought after speaker, and the author of four books including Bring Your Whole Self to Work. In this conversation we talk about how personal development is becoming more acceptable within the work environment, how disappointment and tragedy in Mike’s own life forced him to re-think at a relatively young age about what would really make him happy and fulfilled and how to change the story you tell yourself about yourself.

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    102 Building Family in to Your Business Plan with Madeleine Lambert

    It seems to me that most change isn’t initiated by us but thrust upon us or dropped in to our path. If you’ve had an interesting life up to this point and want that to continue, you’re probably someone who grabs those unplanned opportunities and runs with them.

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    101 Putting People First with Mark Williams

    I spend much of my time inside big business. As a keynote speaker and coach for leaders I’m very familiar with the ways large organisations operate and the universal challenges that they face against a backdrop of a world changing faster than ever before.

    For years I’ve been trying to help those organisations and their leaders to change. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they find it impossible. It’s always painful. Change hurts!

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    100 Help Me, with Marianne Power

    Do we ever really change? I’ve spent 20 years attempting to help individuals and companies to grow and develop so the concept that people are capable of change sits right at the heart of that. If we don’t ever change, what have I been doing all this time?!

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    99 Escape Velocity, with Lee Feldman

    I loved talking to Lee - partly because he thinks so differently to many people in the corporate world. Yet, everything he talks about - and the way he sees the challenges and opportunities facing business - are practical and compelling. You don't have to run a small, funky tech company to be inspired by his approach - big business can get it too.

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    98 Renting Your Job or Owning It, with Mark Fritz

    Most of us work with people and it tends to be the people stuff that makes work brilliant and awful. If you’re having problems at work most likely they are people problems. This is why, of course, so many people are looking to change their job or change their company. But what if you take yourself with you when you go?

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    96 Do A Day – An interview with Bryan Falchuk

    Today's show is another archive show – my interview with Bryan Falchuk. Bryan is the author of a wonderful book called "Do A Day" in which he explores why we get stuck in bad habits and how to break those habit...for good!

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    95 The Good Life Project, with Jez Rose

    There's a lot of talk in business about engagement and employee satisfaction and "leaders" spend a great deal of time (and money on leadership development courses) trying to work out how to get a more "turned on" workforce. Join me this week for a great archive episode! Behaviourist Jez Rose is a is a broadcaster, bee farmer, award-winning author and speaker, with a passion for improving cultures. Quintessentially British, he also has an obsession with tea. In this interview, we speak about Jez's Good Life Project, an innovative research initiative, evidencing the cognitive and emotional impact of nature on human health, wellbeing and behaviour, seeking to understand what nature does to our brain and specifically which activities have the greatest positive impact on us.

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    94 Pressing Pause

    Our story continues, as all stories do. We are in! We moved into our new smallholding last week and are starting to get used to being settled after so many months on the road.

    It’s very strange to put things in a cupboard knowing you won’t have to take it all back out in a matter of days! Moving house and starting yet another lifestyle can be stressful and busy, which is what today's show is all about - "pressing pause" when things get hectic. What do I mean? Have a listen!

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    93 Big Bangs and Daily Bangs

    Some changes are easy to make. There will be adjustments you want to make to your life – big or small – that seem GIGANTIC to other people. However, to you, they’re a walk in the park. But what about other changes? Boy! These ones are tough! I’ve been pondering what makes certain changes harder than others and come up with a theory! In today’s show I talk about two kinds of change – Big Bangs and Daily Bangs.

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    92 The Third Act Belongs to You, with Suzy Walker

    In our interview we talk about changing your name mid-life, returning to a “proper job” having worked for yourself, and our beliefs around money… and we end up making a pact together to change our attitudes towards financial security.

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    91 Stress - My Unfinished Business

    There’s rarely an opportunity to reflect between the end of one project, adventure or experience and the next. So when the opportunity arises we should take it!

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    90 Smallholding, with Libby Syddall

    I have a wonderful conversation with Libby Syddall who owns the smallholding we’ve been staying at for the last 2 weeks. She gives me a lot of very useful advice and shares her own story of leaving her job to run her smallholding full time, and the lessons she’s learnt along the way.

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    89 Anger is our shadow but it's also our power with Clare Russell

    Every journey has its call to return. Our hero must return to normal life (or life starts feeling normal again) and bring home the lessons he or she has learnt, ready to embark on the next adventure with a new level of awareness and courage.

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    88 Reinventing and Pivoting with Sweet Billy Pilgrim

    Today’s podcast guests have put music right at the centre of their lives. Jana Carpenter and Tim Elsenburg, AKA the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim, have been making music most of their lives, most recently together. They’ve usually had to combine music with “proper jobs” to make ends meet and, like many of us, have struggled to find the right balance between doing what they love and making the money to support their talent.

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    87 Lessons from the Big Trip

    As you know, I'm spending this year as a digital nomad, travelling around Europe. As we enter our 6th month of, what we like to call, The Big Trip, I’ve started to reflect on what this trip has taught me so far. It has not been an easy lifestyle choice. Before we started, I did not know just how hard it would be or what would make it tough.

    In this week’s episode, I share the 4 lessons I’ve learned so far about making decisions to change your life. From the start, I’ve looked for ways to better blend the different elements of my life – work, family and self. And, even when this trip ends we won’t give up the search for a better and better blend. But in the light of what I’ve learnt so far, we’ll approach our next Brilliant Gamble a little differently.

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    86 Worldtowning: with guests Will and Jessica Sueiro

    Life moves quickly. If we are not careful, time slips by, and before long, we may realize we never pursued our dreams. That’s why Will and Jessica Sueiro created WorldTowning – a slow-traveling way of life for the curious and adventuresome, for lovers of the world, for those who desire to experience life to the fullest. Driven by a desire to expand their view of the world, enhance their knowledge of a region and establish lasting community ties – anywhere around the globe, I know you'll love this episode from the ABG archive!

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    85 So You Want to Write? with Tom McLaughlin, Illustrator & Author

    I remember telling the careers advisor at school that I wanted to be a journalist... she laughed and said, "You'd better have something to fall back on!" How many of us have dreamt of being a professional artiste? Writer, painter, poet, photographer, needle-felter? Such careers are often perceived as unrealistic dreams - perhaps a hobby at best, or something to save to do during retirement when there’s cash in the bank and we’ve earned the right to do something we love every day. 

    You won’t be surprised that I don’t think you should have to wait until retirement to do something you love. I did become a journalist (despite it being an apparent miracle) and other real people are out there making movies we watch, writing the novels we read and drawing for a living. 

    One of those 'other people' is the hugely successful Tom McLaughlin, children’s author and illustrator. If you dream of 'one day being a writer' - or if you already have a writing project in progress - you’ll love listening to Tom talk through his creative process and how he dealt with rejection, doubts and fears that he was wasting his time, before he got his break. And even if you don’t think you have a book in you, you’ll enjoy hearing how Tom sees the world, where he finds inspiration and how he’s turned the potential disadvantage of dyslexia into a superpower. 

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    84 Putting on Your Big Girl Pants with Elizabeth Dunne, Co-Founder of Two Desks Limited

    When you make a change, especially a big disruptive one, everything that kept you stable and safe is thrown in to the air! This can be hugely liberating. What held you back is gone and the future is full of adventure, opportunities and new stories to write. But it can also be unsettling, disorientating and fear-inducing.

    That's when having a strong team around you really comes into it its own. Join me as I speak to Elizabeth Dunne, Co-Founder of Two Desks Limited, a creative support agency. We have a really good laugh and talk about what success looks like when you're a very small company, Belly of the Whale moments, letting people help you and work-life balance.

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    83 An Epic Education with Jason Jenkins

    Sometimes you need the support of other people, strangers even, to make your dreams a reality. Other people who’ve gone before you, who know the pitfalls and who have sage advice to help you on your way. What does work life balance look life when it has to work for you, your partner, your kids and whoever else is in your heart? This week I speak to Jason Jenkins of An Epic Education to discuss just that!

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    82 Forgetting the Rules with Susan Gafsen, Co-Founder and Director of Pep & Lekker

    Many people talk about leaving their corporate job to start their own business. This idea is very appealing, of course. Imagine it - no boss to tell you what to do. No working hours dictated by the employer. No office politics. No commute.

    But when you’ve been brought up with a more conventional idea about what “success” looks like, it can be hard to let go of the security and status that a big corporate job brings. That's why I'm so excited to talk to today's guest, Susan Gafsen, Co-Founder and Director of Pep & Lekker Natural Foods.

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    81 Getting Organised in a Chaotic World with Mike Smutka, CEO of Buckets.co

    Why is there never enough TIME?! I was positive that changing our lifestyle would mean I’d create more time each day. WRONG. In my search for more work life balance, I’m willing to try anything - which is why I was so keen to talk to today’s guest, Mike Smutka. Mike is Co-Founder and CEO of Buckets.co, a collaborative project management platform that helps you get organised and stay organised.

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    80 Sarah Jackson OBE, CEO of Working Families

    In today’s show, I interview Sarah Jackson OBE, the CEO of Working Families. Sarah has campaigned for a better balance between work and life for over 20 years. Sarah is incredibly optimistic and I felt really excited talking to her about what might be possible in the future, but it's certainly clear that we have a way to go.

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    79 The Career Contessa - Lauren McGoodwin

    Making the right career decisions - which company, what salary, how many hours, remote or office based, climb the ladder or do a job that isn't too demanding - and ensuring that it fits with everything else that matters to you in life is COMPLICATED! And it requires SKILLS! Skills you didn't learn at school.

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    78 Being digital nomads with Eff the Office!

    Do you ever dream of ditching the commute, selling your house and everything in it and spending your life working from the most glamorous and fascinating cities in the world? Well, the ladies behind Eff the Office did just that. Four years ago Erin and Tannia set off for Barcelona (to see if they liked it!) and they haven't looked back. In this interview we talk about the reality of life as a digital nomad, the preconceptions of others and how to get started if this is your dream too. You can find tonnes of resources on their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAijWDHmZJN1S45SDA51ndA and find a community of likeminded people on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EffTheOffice/ Follow them on twitter and instagram as well @EffTheOffice You can stay in touch with us too on twitter and instagram (@brilliantgamble) and check out our website www.abrilliantgamble.com for information about our programmes and to get the free 3-part Gamble Guide!

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    77 I Can, with Richard McCann

    Richard McCann is an author and keynote speaker. He’s also the son of the first victim of the notorious Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Suttcliff. In 1975 Sutcliffe attacked and killed Richard’s mum - Richard was 5 years old at the time. Eventually Sutcliffe was found guilty of 20 attacks, 13 of those women died. In this interview Richard talks about his life - the pivotal moments that changed his story… and the moments where he decided to take charge and choose his own path. You can find out more about Richard and his work at http://www.richardmccann.co.uk/ And you can buy his books at Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Richard-McCann/e/B001PYS1N8 To stay in touch with us it's @brilliantgamble on Twitter and Instagram and www.abrilliantgamble.com to sign up for the newsletter, read more about our big trip and find all our other contact details! We LOVE to hear from you!

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    76 Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

    What's it actually like to work for yourself? These ladies know! The presenters of Being Boss both run their own creative businesses, they create resources and networks for other people who either want to or are already running their own show.

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    Episode 75: Knowing What You Don't Want is Fine!

    Over the last few weeks I've been having conversations with the wonderful people who are going to be part of the upcoming pilot for the A Brilliant Gamble Coaching Programme. It's been inspiring to hear what they want to do with their lives and how they want to move forward from this crossroads moment. Some have total clarity about what they want. That vision might evolve, pivot or even be scrapped and re-thought. But right now they can see it, feel it, smell it. Other people are much clearer about what they DON'T want! We can get pretty judgemental on ourselves about focusing on what's not working, what we don't want, what we want to stop doing or being. Surely it's better to be thinking big about the future, than focusing on the flaws of the present moment? Well, this week I have been thinking about how important it can be to focus on what you don't want. And in today's show I share three advantages about doing just that. Please follow us on the social (@brilliantgamble), sign up to the newsletter at www.abrilliantgamble.com so you know when the next cohort for the coaching programme is being recruited, and leave a star rating and comment for us on iTunes! Thank you!

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    Episode 74: Everyone's Got Their Reason Not To!

    I am often asked how I manage to run a business, homeschool and travel as a single mum. To be honest it's something I wouldn't think about much except for the fact that people ask me! That's just our life. But what's interesting is how we all use aspects of our situation - our age, our personal circumstances, our work, our education, our financial position - as reasons not to do something. Being a single mum stopped me considering homeschooling for a long time until I realised we could do it...if I made a few changes to my work. I'm not immune to the cultural messages that powerfully tell us what's possible and what isn't! In this podcast I talk about being a single mum on this journey and how to think differently about the cultural messages you're getting so they don't stop you doing what you really want to do! Stay in touch in instagram and twitter (@brilliantgamble) and sign up to the newsletter at www.abrilliantgamble.com to find out about upcoming online programmes and group coaching. And please, please, please recommend this podcast to other people who may be on the cusp of taking a brilliant gamble of their own!

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    Episode 73: You Won't Know Until You Go!

    I'm hearing a lot about "pivoting" at the moment. In a business context it means shifting the focus or emphasis of the company. In life it means taking a left or right turn away from the direction you'd set off in and adjusting course based on what you've learnt so far. Well, we're pivoting our adventure! In today's episode I explain what we're letting go of and what we're embracing as we learn more about what we need. This year is about really living, really enjoying the moment and reconfiguring our lives in ways that, we hope, will change us forever. And our first lesson - You Won't Know Until You Go - is a biggie! I hope you enjoy the show. Follow us on instagram and twitter (@brilliantgamble) and visit www.abrilliantgamble.com to sign up for the FREE 3-part Gamble Guide so you can start leaping in to your own Brilliant Gambles and really living life NOW!

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    Episode 72: What's a business for?

    This last week has been tough for us. While we love our little Yorkshire AirBnB, we have no wifi or phone signal there and have had to rent an office (no windows, no natural light, smells a bit) a few hours a day so I can continue to serve my clients. However, this took a little time to arrange and last week I had to cancel a session and struggled through a couple of phone calls, being cut off every few minutes and losing portions of what people were saying to me. When I reflected on why this affected me so much I realised that serving clients is the number one priority in any business and that my lifestlye choice had meant that, on this occasion, I was unable to deliver on that number one priority. It didn't feel good. In today's show I share my thoughts about business purpose, serving clients and my own struggles to find the right balance between the lifestyle I've chosen and the business I love. Please stay in touch on instagram and twitter (@brilliantgamble) and visit www.abrilliantgamble.com to sign up to my free 3-part Gamble Guide!

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    Episode 71: From Forcing to Flowing

    Just because you sell your house, put your worldly belongings in a storage container and travel around Europe in a campervan for a year doesn't mean you feel any different than you did when you lived in a normal house in a normal town. Last week I realised that despite disrupting our lives in a BIG WAY I still felt kinda the same. In order to feel different you have to BE different. You have to include in your life practices and habits that weren't in your life before. You have to choose a different state of being. You have to change from within. Changing the external elements is not enough. Today I talk about this realisation and share some concepts that can help you feel different about yourself and your life, whether or not you're going to shake things up on the outside. Please sign up to our newsletter at www.abrilliantgamble.com, follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@brilliantgamble) and rate and share this show on iTunes! Thanks for all your support!

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    Episode 70: Uncovering the Protestant Work Ethic

    I've been revisting one of the set texts from my degree (I read it nearly 30 years ago!) - Max Weber's Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism - recently. I do this for you, by the way! I'm becoming increasingly aware of the deeply hardwired beliefs we have about work - work is what makes us valuable human beings, work is Godly, hard, mundane work has the greatest virtue. If skill comes too easily or if you enjoy your work too much it must not have as much value as work which is painful and hard fought for. In this week's podcast I explore the routes of these beliefs and question whether they have as much relevance today as they did in the Industrial Age. I'd love to know what you think too! Stay in touch with us on Instagram and Twitter (@brilliantgamble) and check out the new website www.abrilliantgamble.com!

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    Episode 69: The Sweet Smell of Stress

    Stress! A gift that never stops giving...even when you've disrupted your life with the specific intent of leaving it behind. Today's show is about the 4 triggers or potential triggers for stress and how I'm handling each one. I really want to return from this year long adventure having got a grip on my stress, something which gives me sleepless nights and distracts me from enjoying the moment. Frankly, it's a waste of energy and time...but I seem to be an addict. I hope you find today's episode useful as you navigate the stresses in your own life. And please share your stress-busting strategies on our social media! Instagram @brilliantgamble Twitter @brilliantgamble Or visit our website and sign up for yuor free Gramble Guide at www.abrilliantgamble.com Thank you! Blaire

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    Episode 68: Start with the hair!

    In today's podcast I reflect on the lessons I learnt from letting my hair go grey! I didn't realise it at the time but this attempt to become more authentic opened the door to other, bolder decisions and maybe even our big trip! When you're at a crossroads in your life taking really big decisions about what to do next might be a step too far. But a small decision in the right direction emboldens you for a bigger adventure and opens up new opportunities you weren't aware of. I hope you enjoy today's show. Please stay in touch. We are @brilliantgamble on Twitter and Instagram. And you can sign up to the newsletter at www.abrilliantgamble.com and receive my 3-part Gamble Guide! Thank you!

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    Episode 67: Lessons from the road - The Devil You Know

    We are now a week and a half in to our trip and it's already been, um, eventful! Snow, a broken awning and a breakdown in Snowdonia National Park have taught me one lesson already - things are not going to go exactly as planned. This week's show is about this first lesson and the muscle I'm going to be developing as a result this year. We build so many safety nets around ourselves that we often forget how good we are at getting out of scrapes. And because we forget how good we are at getting out of scrapes we don't have the confidence to put ourselves in to situations that might require us using that muscle...and having an adventure along the way. I hope you enjoy the show this week. Remember you can get in touch on instagram, twitter, via the website (www.abrilliantgamble.com) and on the A Brilliant Gamble facebook page! And please leave a review and star rating on iTunes as we really want people to be able to find the show and get the confidence to re-think their work, escape the 9-5 and take Brilliant Gambles of their own!

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    Episode 66: Running Towards Joy with guest Ali Soleil

    Four nights in a campervan in the snow has taught me a lesson already. When you embark on an adventure don't be too attached to how you expected things to be...be ready to roll with what the universe has in store for you! On this week's show I'm talking to award winning Women's Advocate and Empowerment Coach, Ali Soleil, about embarking on adventures in your 40s and 50s. Ali is the host of the F Years Podcast and helps women in mid-life to go from fed up to fabulous. In this conversation we talk about living out of your car, finding the adventure that's waiting for you and letting go. If you're ready to run towards joy, you'll love Ali and her infectious enthusiasm for life. Check out The F Years Podcast for yourself on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-f-years-podcast/id1320450539?mt=2 And to stay in touch with us visit www.abrilliantgamble.com, follow us on Instagram and twitter @brilliantgamble and on our A Brilliant Gamble Facebook page! You can see where we are, what we've been up to on our big trip and read my latest blogs. Feel free to share this podcast and leave a rating and review as it helps people find us and start taking a Brilliant Gamble of their own!

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    Episode 65: Worldtowning: With guests Will and Jessica Sueiro

    Welcome to A Brilliant Gamble! This is the 65th episode of this show but the first with our new name. A Brilliant Gamble is all about betting on the the world of work changing and taking the risk of saying No to the 9-5. Work isn't working as it is, that's for sure. And more and more people, myself included, are asking whether it has to be this way? Can we configure a life where work integrates seamlessly rather than requiring us to make sacrifices to succeed? It was with this in mind that I wanted to speak to today's guests. Will and Jessica travel the world with their children, and hamster called Sunshine, in an RV and have been living in other countries like locals for more than 3 years. They left their jobs in Boston to take this adventure and now they help others who want to do the same thing through their business, Worldtowning. Their story is fascinating, honest, funny and inspiring. It's partly because of them that I am taking my daughter and dogs on our big trip, starting later this week (!). I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to them. If you want to know more about Worldtowning you can find them at www.worldtowning.com and on YouTube and Instagram. To stay in touch with US here at A Brilliant Gamble, check out the new website www.abrilliantgamble.com and our instagram and twitter feeds (@brilliantgamble). Looking forward to your feedback, to your star ratings on iTunes and to hearing about your Brilliant Gambles! Blaire x

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    Episode 64: Is this the last Punks in Suits Podcast?

    Well, yes and no! In two week's time this podcast will be back with a new name to reflect its new focus. And in today's show I explain more about what that's going to be and why it's going to be fabulous! Today I'm also talking about down-days and what to do when you're not feeling so aligned...like when you're packing boxes before leaving all your worldly goods in a storage container and going off for a year and it all hits home. I hope you'll find the new focus of the show inspiring, relevant, practical and motivating. No show next week while we finish the new website and get everything ready for the relaunch. See you on the other side! Please continue to stay in touch on instagram (@punksinsuits), email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) and on our Punks in Suits Facebook page! Blaire

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    Episode 63: The Future of Leadership Development, with Prof Peter Hawkins

    It's all very exciting at the moment with our trip just 4 weeks away. But my fascination with leadership and leadership development hasn't gone away! This week I'm off to Switzerland to work with a team there on their leadership and I will continue to do this kind of work even when we're on the road. There's a need for leadership in our world greater than maybe at any time in the past, and a significant leadership vacuum. But how do we help people become better leaders? Is what we are doing today working? Not according to today's guest, Professor Peter Hawkins. Part-time Executive Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, where he is researching next generation leadership and leadership development, Visiting Professor at the Universities of Bath and Oxford Brookes and founder and Emeritus Chairman of Bath Consultancy Group and Renewal Associates, he is also the author of numerous books and a groundbreaking report called Tomorrow’s Leadership and the Necessary Revolution in Today’s Leadership Development. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/assets.henley.ac.uk/legacyUploads/pdf/exec-ed/Research_Report_-_Tomorrow_s_Leadership_and_the_Necessary_Revolution_in_Today_s_Leadership_Development.pdf If you're in HR this report and today's interview should be required research! But even if you're not there's plenty here about the future world we are going to be living in and how we rethink assumptions and habits of the past. Please stay in touch on Instagram, twitter, facebook and by email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) with your thoughts and ideas on this subject or anything else related to leadership and integrating your work and your life!

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    Episode 62: Every Yes is a No

    I think of myself as a yes person! This is what we're all encouraged to be, isn't it? But I've noticed that some easy "yeses" then lead to some hard "nos" later on. If you're bringing about change in your life in order to have more alignment and a more integrated feeling within you'll sometimes have to choose between priority 1 in your life and priority 2. Sounds obvious, but how often have we said something is important to us (kids, self-care, taking a day off) but then neglected that priority for something we've said is less important (work, social media, cleaning the kitchen)? In thisweek's episode I am talking about what happens when you have a tough decision - two almost equal priorities and how to avoid an easy yes and a hard no later on. Stay in touch in Instagram (@punksinsuits), email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) and on our Punks in Suits facebook page OR our Brilliant Gamble Group. There will be more info about what's happening with this podcast and with the business in the coming weeks so stay tuned!! Thank you!

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    Episode 61: Emotional Readiness Mismatch

    Ah, if only change was a lovely straight line where you made a decision that felt right to you and then just took the actions as specified in the Gantt chart. But no, it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions and actions and sometimes the to do list says "today" when they heart says "Can I put this off until tomorrow?". This week's podcast is all about that - when there's a mismatch between your readiness for action and the actions happening. It's a stage I'd pretty much forgotten about, which is why I'm doing this upcoming adventure - to remind me about the subtle aspects of change that you forget about as soon as they pass. Please stay in touch in Instagram (@punksinsuits), our Punks in Suits Facebook page, our Brilliant Gamble Facebook group and email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com)! AND the website is www.thatpeoplething.com Thank you for listening! Blaire

  47. Thumb 1530989426 artwork

    Episode 60: Does Busy = Success?

    I've noticed that when someone asks how you are, the answer is often "Busy" or some related variant. When did being busy become the right answer to that question? We live at a time when work dominates life - it defines who we are, our worth, what we think about, what we think matters. And we are all so busy that, even if we enjoy what we do or think it is important, we often make massive sacrifices in order to do that work. In this week's show I look at what you can do to cut back on the busy, including what you'll need to let go of in order to do so without guilt. I'd love to hear your experiences and suggestions too! You can email me blaire@thatpeoplething.com, comment on instagram (@punksinsuits) or on our Punks in Suits Facebook page. And please remember to share this podcast and leave us a comment and star rating on iTunes! It's much appreciated. Blaire

  48. Thumb 1530989423 artwork

    Episode 59: You're So Brave!

    Everyone’s got an opinion about what you’re doing. Of course, their opinion often doesn’t matter and more often shouldn’t matter but that doesn’t mean you’re always able to shrug it off when people pass comment on your plans. In today’s show I share some of the more common comments I’ve heard whenever I’ve shaken up my life a little (or a lot) and how to respond. Of course there are people who have valuable insights and feedback that you can listen to…you just don’t need to take on board all the comments you’re going to receive. In the show I mention The Work of Byron Katie. You can check out http://thework.com/sites/thework/downloads/worksheets/JudgeYourNeighbor_Worksheet.pdf. I highly recommend this approach if you want to care less (or not at all) about what other people may think of your decisions. To stay in touch with us please follow me on twitter @blairepalmer, Instagram @punksinsuits, on our Punks in Suits Facebook page and visit www.thatpeoplething.com. Please do leave a comment on iTunes too as this helps boost the profile of the podcast AND we love it!! Thanks!

  49. Thumb 1530989424 artwork

    Episode 58: Taking money off the table

    This is a tough one for me. I've always struggled with the concept of "Financial Abundance". I believe it's true that what you put out there in to the world in your beliefs comes back to you in your reality. But I've always had a hard time believing that will be true for me when it comes to money. I've believed it isn't all about working harder. But, at the same time, I've always worked very hard...just in case! Recently I had a breakthrough and found a way to take money off the table so that I could think more creatively about what we really want as a family, the work I really want to do and how we can be "successful" on our own terms. Finance isn't in my 5 pointed Pentagram model I shared with you last week. And there's a good reason. Money can't be part of your thinking, upfront and central, when you're looking to work in a way that doesn't feel like hard work. You have to find a way to make it a non-issue...even if you, like me, can't quite convince yourself that the universe will provide. That's what I'm talking about in today's podcast. Please stay in touch on Instagram (@punksinsuits), on our Punks in Suits facebook page or direct by emailing me at blaire@thatpeoplething.com And PLEASE leave us a review on iTunes. We really appreciate it!

  50. Thumb 1530989423 artwork

    Episode 57: Unwork!

    I’m so excited about today’s podcast. The ideas I talk about today have been brewing for weeks! I would go so far as to say that I’ve never met anyone working in business or the public sector who feels fully integrated in their work. By which I mean, there’s always quite a lot that they are tolerating about the way they work and the sacrifices they’re making. Often they have come to terms with those sacrifices in some way seeing it as a price they have to pay as part of having a job, especially if it’s a job they feel is important. But is it necessary? More importantly, are the things we tolerate about work and the way we work actually inhibiting our ability to make a difference? Could we construct a way to work that doesn’t require making such sacrifices? And, does there come a time in life where you start saying “I don’t want to make those sacrifices anymore?” In today’s show I explain the term “Unwork” - an term I've coined to describe work where there is little if any distinction between work and non-work in our lives. There’s no reason why you need to channel a special “work-you” and then switch that off as you switch on the “real you” in the rest of your life. In fact, when you stop making the distinction you are able to bring more of yourself to every aspect of life and therefore be of MORE value in your professional contribution than you are able to be today. I also run through the 5 criteria that make up my “Unwork Pentagram” - a down and dirty tool you can use to check-in with how integrated your life, your self and your work are. It should help you spot which areas might benefit from your attention. You probably won’t be surprised if you’ve been feeling out of sync with your work for a while that something is missing. And this tool will help you, in a blunt way, work out why that might be. In future shows we’ll look in more depth at the model and dive in to the 5 criteria, plus I will talk more about unwork, my unwork journey and the stages you’ll go through as you start questioning everything we’ve taken for granted about work in the Industrial Age. I can’t wait!! Sign up to the newsletter to get more inspiration including a 5 part series busting the myths of leadership. You can also read my articles on Medium. And follow Punks in Suits on Instagram (@punksinsuits), our Facebook page and twitter (@blairepalmer). I’ve added a Patreon button to the PodOmatic podcast page too so if you want to support this podcast financially you now can. Thank you so much for your support so far and here’s to an exciting 2018!!

  51. Thumb 1530989425 artwork

    Episode 56: Breaking Cultural Laws with Sally McCutchion

    Happy New Year! Is this the year when you decide enough is enough? You still want to make a difference - you haven't given up on your ambitions. But maybe you can't do it in your current role or in your current organisation. Maybe there's another way that doesn't entail so much sacrifice but does get stuff done! This week I've revived my interview with Sally McCutchion, one of the first I did for this show and one of my favourites. What does it feel like to walk away from the security of a management job in a big company to start your own business, when you don't know what business you want to start? How does it feel when you start breaking unwritten "cultural laws" because of the way you've chosen to work, the philosophy that guides your life and the decisions you make about how you live? In this interview with Sally McCutchion, one of the UK's only Holacracy facilitators, we hear what her experience has been of all of this. Whether you're curious about alternatives to the hierarchical structure or whether you're asking yourself deeper questions about how you live and what's authentic to you, there's lots to inspire you in this interview. To contact me email blaire@thatpeoplething.com or you can follow me on instragram (@punksinsuits) or twitter (@blairepalmer) or join our new facebook page, Punks in Suits. I will be posting information about Sally's upcoming workshop on that page too. I love to read you comments and hear about your experiences so please stay in touch!

  52. Thumb 1530989422 artwork

    Episode 55: From the Archives - The Art of Stillness with Leandra Ashton

    I must admit that I was pretty desperate for the Christmas Holidays. 2017 has been a year of big life changing decisions and no small amount of overwhelm! So it was with that in mind that I thought I would re-share my interview with actress and playwright, Leandra Ashton. This was the first interview I did for the show in 2016 and I still think it was one of the ones that made the biggest difference to me personally. I hope at this time of year, when maybe you have a little time to think and reflect, you will find this as inspiring as I did. Instagram: @punksinsuits Facebook: Search Punks in Suits Web: www.thatpeoplething.com Please remember to give us a star rating and leave a comment on iTunes! Thank you!! Blaire

  53. Thumb 1530989420 artwork

    Episode 54: Not Away From or Towards...

    There's a theory - a very established one - that people are either "away from" motivated or "towards" motivated. You're either someone who typically moves away from pain or towards a goal or vision. This has always been problematic to me, especially as so many people appear to be "away from" which makes them feel inadequate compared with the aspirational "towards" people. Not only that but you may feel you need A LOT of pain in order to move forward so you create discomfort as a motivation - fear, anger, indignation. It's not a fun way to live but it seems to work. But what if the negatives that happen to us that make us feel so uncomfortable that we have to move away from them aren't what they seem? What if what's really happening is that the Universe is trying to tell us something, something we keep ignoring whilst manifesting the discomfort we're feeling, until we manifest enough discomfort to take action? That's today's podcast! Please stay in touch with us here - @blairepalmer on twitter @punksinsuits on instagram (just recently updated) www.thatpeoplething.com on the web Punks in Suits facebook page... We're everywhere! Thank you! Blaire

  54. Thumb 1530989416 artwork

    Episode 53: Re-Thinking Education

    This week's podcast is a topic very close to my heart - education. With a child who is currently home educated I've become more and more interested in how children actually learn and what they learn from different forms of education. Kerry McDonald is my guest and is well positioned to explore education, and how education may need to change to address the future needs of business (and our world!). Kerry is a mom of four unschooled children, a writer for Natural Mother Magazine and a self-directed learning advocate who is a Board member at the non-profit Alliance for Self-Directed Education. She has a Master's degree in education policy from Harvard University and is an education writer for several national media outlets. Her writing has appeared in Forbes, NPR, and Education Next among others. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and writes at Whole Family Learning. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@kerry_edu). The books she mentions in the interview are Now You See It, by Cathy Davidson, and Wounded by School, by Kirsten Olson. Here is the blog link where you can find her book recommendations if you're interested in learning more about home education and self-directed learning - http://www.wholefamilylearning.com/2017/09/letter-to-prospective-homeschooling.html To follow my journey with my daughter Ivy we are @abrilliantgamble on Instagram and we have a Facebook Group called A Brilliant Gamble too. You can find out more about my work with organisations and individuals and how to book me as a speaker at www.thatpeoplething.com and follow me on twitter (@blairepalmer). Please feel free to share this podcast, leave a review on iTunes and stay in touch, especially if you have a particular topic you'd like me to discuss on the show! Thank you!

  55. Thumb 1530989417 artwork

    Episode 52: Tramshed - An interview with Iain Tweedale

    A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at Tramshed Tech in Cardiff, one of the new breed of co-working spaces popping up all over the world. These facilities are more than just places to park yourself when you need a desk. They cater for the broader needs of entrepreneurs - the need to connect, to co-create, to partner, to be inspired and have a place they can call home. Iain has had a long and varied career and taken many zig-zags in his professional life, sometimes sacrificing the safety and security of big corporate to indulge his curious, wanderlust side, and other times seeking the opportunities that big business provides. In this wide-ranging interview we talk about co-working, traveling, big business versus start-up and generally how to find a sense of peace with your career choices. You can find out more about Tramshed Tech at www.tramshedtech.co.uk. If you are looking for a desk or have desk space spare, check out www.desksnear.me and if you use this service, let me know how you get on! Finally, to stay in touch with us here at That People Thing - twitter @blairepalmer instagram @abrilliantgamble email blaire@thatpeopething.com web www.thatpeoplething.com (and sign up to the newsletter!) Please share this podcast and please leave us a review on iTunes as it really helps people find us!

  56. Thumb 1530989417 artwork

    Episode 51: The Belly of the Whale

    This week I found myself head in hands bawling my eyes out in a hotel lobby with my two business besties. It happens. Change is emotional, not logical, as I'm always saying, But despite the fact I know so much about the process of change, I was takenn by surprise by the huge feelings of overwhelm and confusion I was experiencing about the changes I'm making in my life and work. So I used the opportunity, once we'd mopped up the puddle, to think about that Belly of the Whale stage in change and how to both recognise you're in it...and get out. If you know anyone else who's in this place right now forward them the link to the podcast. It might just help! And please sign up to the newsletter by going to the website www.thatpeoplething.com and filling in the popup that pops up. You'll be the first to know about new classes and programmes you can participate in AND get a summary of the key points of shows that need a few show notes to help you guide your way through the topic. You can also stay in touch with us on - twitter @blaire palmer instagram @abrilliantgamble facebook A Brilliant Gamble Group AND the Punks in Suits page website www.thatpeoplething.com Thank you and have a great week!

  57. Thumb 1530989417 artwork

    Episode 50: Tweaks not Overhauls

    We tend to ignore "tensions" until so many have accumulated that a massive amount of change is required to set things right. Of course, every time you address a tension you risk creating another one so when you undertake a massive overhaul you often unintentionally create a whole lot of new problems that need to be addressed. In today's episode I'm talking about how to identify little tensions and make small tweaks rather than waiting until a major change initiative is required. There are lots of signals that something's not quite right and I identify a few of these today. I'd love to know what tweaks you're making in your life, your organisation or your industry. Stay in touch on twitter (@blairepalmer), email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) and our Punks in Suits Facebook page. And follow our "brilliant gamble" on Instagram (@abrilliantgamble) and join our A Brilliant Gamble Facebook GROUP! Thanks!

  58. Thumb 1530989416 artwork

    Episode 49: A Brilliant Gamble - Why I'm selling my house and buying a van

    It's a year (and a bit) since I started this podcast. A year ago my plan was to sell my house and buy a smallholding and, other than that, keep my life pretty much as it was. My business was doing fine, I was enjoying my work and although I had a long term plan to add other "solutions" - like a retreat centre where leaders could come to reflect, have important conversations with each other and help me muck out the sheep - that was a long term ambition, not something I planned to initiate in the coming 12 months. But the thing about change is that it's rarely predictable. If you're open to what's going on around you, the opportunities and the risks, and you tune in to your intuition about what's right for you, you end up changing your goals...or at least taking a different route than you expected to get there. Which is why I'm selling my house...but not buying a smallholding. Instead, I'm joining the increasing number of people who operate as "digital nomads". Disrupting the status quo has meant, for my family, starting to home educate my daughter which has led to a period of "deschooling" - getting school-think out of our system - which has led to me thinking about "deworking" - wondering whether I can break the rules of work but continue to be of value to my clients. Or in fact be of MORE value to them. I don't want to give it all away here. You'll have to listen to the show! I asked my friend and colleague, Ginny Baillie, back to interview me and I tell all to her (and to you!). I hope you'll enjoy the new direction we're taking as a family and in the business and what new insights this will give me to share with you as you disrupt the status quo in your industry, your organisation and your life. Follow us on - Instagram: @abrilliantgamble Facebook group: A Brilliant Gamble Twitter: @blairepalmer Facebook page: Punks in Suits Email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com Web: www.thatpeoplething.com And please share this podcast with anyone who you think may have a little bit of punk underneath their suit!

  59. Thumb 1530989413 artwork

    Episode 48: Do A Day - An Interview with Bryan Falchuk

    Today's show is an interview with Bryan Falchuk. Bryan in the author of a new book called "Do A Day" in which he explores why we get stuck in bad habits and how to break those habit...for good! Whether you're stuck in a rut in your work, with your health and fitness, in your relationship or something else, you will love this interview and Bryan's ideas to get unstuck. You can buy Bryan's book at http://www.doadaybook.com/amazon or http://www.doadaybook.com/amazonuk And please stay inn touch with us! Twitter @blairepalmer Instagram @abrilliantgamble Email blaire@thatpeoplething.com Or just give us a ring! Go to the www.thatpeoplething.com website for more details. Thank you!!!

  60. Thumb 1530989414 artwork

    Episode 47: Socking it to 'em. An Interview with Ryan Palmer

    I'm not the only Palmer to have turned their back on coroprate life to run a business of their own. Ryan Palmer and his friend Dave Pickard are the co-founders of The London Sock Company, an online store started in 2013 based on the observation that although more and more men don't wear ties these days, people do notice your socks. Since them the company has gone from strength to strength with celebrities like Daniel Craig and David Gandy wearing the products. But we're not really talking socks in this interview. In my conversation with Ryan we talk about leaving coroprate life, the secrets to running an online business in the 21st century, loyalty and brand and much more more. Whether you plan to set up on your own or are just wondering why it's hard to keep lively young people like Ryan and Dave in your big business, there's a lot for you in this show. AND there's an offer for all Punks in Suits listeners. With Christmas coming up in makes sense to listen to the very end when I explain how you can get a major discount on London Sock Company products and subscriptions. Stay in touch on twitter (@blairepalmer), Instagram (@abrilliantgamble) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). Thank you!! Blaire

  61. Thumb 1530989412 artwork

    Episode 46: Punk Outside the Suit

    So excited about today's podcast! I'm talking to Lisa Talbot, Award Winning Personal & Fashion Stylist about how to shake up your professional "look" and reveal more of the real you underneath. No one's saying you have to get a mohawk and wear a safety pin through your nose but business wear is so conservative that it's almost the last taboo. Even people who are outspoken, creative and enthusiastic about shaking things up tend to conform to the uniform. And that might be undermining their credibility as a model for change. Not to mention that hiding who you are every day takes its toll on your enthusiasm and sense of purpose. Lisa is well known for her fun and full of energy personality and passion for helping both women & men feel & look amazing. She firmly believes your wardrobe should work for your personality, lifestyle, body shape & budget. Lisa’s wealth of experience and her natural ability to relate to her audience make her consultations, presentations & interviews exciting, interesting and thought provoking. I'm sure you'll agree! You can find out more about how to work with her at www.lisatalbot.co.uk. To stay in touch with us you can tweet (@blairepalmer), email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com), follow our personal adventures on Instagram (@abrilliantgamble) and our personal Facebook page (@abrilliantgamble). Or just pick up the phone and call. We love that!

  62. Thumb 1530989412 artwork

    Episode 45: Release the Punk!

    How do you release the Punk inside you? On this podcast we normally talk about the “work you” - how to be a leader in your work, how to bring about change in your organisation. But inevitably re-thinking yourself at work leads to changes in your life outside of work. In this week’s show I share four places where you could look to start to integrate your growing authenticity in work and your desire to be yourself in your wider life. These are highly practical suggestions that will make a difference both inside and outside of your working life. Over the coming months I will return to these ideas with a variety of guests who will help me to explore how your growth as a leader might impact your life choices. Certainly the growth I’ve undergone professionally has brought about massive changes in my personal life too. Please stay in touch via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (we have a new name on instagram which is @abrilliantgamble because my account is not only about my work but about our family adventures as homeschoolers, animal lovers, music makers and everything else we get up to) or email blaire@thatpeoplething.com. And if you go to our website www.thatpeoplething.com you can sign up to our newsletter and get a free 5 part series covering the basics of the Punks in Suits concept and irregular news, insights, tips and thought provoking questions.

  63. Thumb 1530989410 artwork

    Episode 44: Parent-Child Dynamics

    A listener has asked me to do a show about Parent-Child Dynamics. So here it is! I see Parent-Child relationships and a Parent-Child culture in many organisations. In so many other ways people are fully formed adults but occasionaly they slip in to either parent or child reactions...which is very understandable since the Industrial Age workplace is designed to reinforce this dynamic. In today's show I talk about how to recongise this in yourself and in others and what to do about it. I'd love to hear your tips too! Stay in touch on twitter (@blairepalmer), Instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email (blaire@ thatpeoplething.com). And please sign up to the newsletter for show notes on this episode and a free 5-part series covering the fundamentals of the Punks in Suits philosophy! Just go to www.thatpeoplething.com and fill in the pop-up sign up form.

  64. Thumb 1530989410 artwork

    Episode 43: What's Around The Corner?

    Behind all of my work with clients is a kind of screensaver - a story or image of the working future we can all look forward to. Bots and AI taking their place alongside human workers, small companies of primarily freelance workers, a possible shortage of jobs and need for a universal living wage, a diverse multi-generational workforce...I could go on. And in this episode I do! This week I share with you some of the elements of my screensaver. And whenever I'm having a conversation with a client, no matter how practical or immediate the topic, at some level I'm also connected with this screensaver, asking myself "How does this scenario relate to the future world I can see in my mind's eye? And what kind of leader can this person be TODAY whilst being congruent with the world of tomorrow?". I'm always thinking about how today's decisions either prepare the ground well for what's coming or prepare the ground badly for what's coming. And the guidance I give today always has that perspective built in. I hope you find today's thoughts interesting. Please stay in touch and share your own ideas on Instagram (@blairelyspalmer), Twitter (@blairepalmer) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com. And please, please, please write a review for iTunes as it helps people find us.

  65. Thumb 1530989407 artwork

    Episode 42: When the problem is your boss...

    You'd think the tricky bit of having a team would be the people on that team. But in my experience the really tricky relationship is with your boss! I use that term advisedly. I don't mean the relationship you have with a true leader. I do mean the relationship you have with your manager when your manager embodies a "boss" mentality to get you to get stuff done. Not everything I suggest in this podcast is going to work for you. Every situation is unique. But you will notice that I put the responsibility for re-thinking how you approach this relationship on you. That's not because you're the problem! But it is because you are listening to this podcast, it's you I'm able to talk to and it's you who is highly motivated to change something. If you change how you see this relationship at least 50% of the dynamic is changed...and that might be enough. If it isn't you may have to consider a more radical course of action. I hope you enjoy listening and find the ideas provoke some thoughts of your own. Please feel free to share your feedback, stories and tips on twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). And please leave a review on iTunes as it really, really helps other listeners find us. Maybe your boss will tune in and that will help you! (Picture credit @benhughesart)

  66. Thumb 1530989409 artwork

    Episode 41: Dreaded Delegation

    I don't really like the term delegation. Or empowerment. Or any of those other cliches for describing how loosely or tightly managers hold on to work they've distributed to others. But in the current system we have, you may well be in the position of having to divvy up work amongst your team and then make sure they do it. How do you do that in a way that is as close to empowering as you can get and makes the most of the incredible talent you have around you? And why don't people always grasp the opportunity to step up even when they've asked for it? That's today's podcast topic! Feel free to share your thoughts on Twitter (@blairepalmer), Instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or email me (blaire@thatpeoplething.com. And please rate and review this podcast on iTunes as it helps more people find us! Thank you!

  67. Thumb 1530989408 artwork

    Episode 40: Why Do We Work?

    Sounds like an obvious question with an obvious answer, right? But maybe it's worth really thinking about it. Because we pay a huge price for our work in terms of our health, our freedom, our time, our priorities. Yes, work is an enabler for other things. It give us the money to make choices. And we may really enjoy the work itself. But what if the price is too high? How can you find the right place for work in your life alongside everything else that matters to you? In this episode I muse on the purpose of work in our fast changing world. Please do share your thoughts and stories with me on our Punks in Suits Facebook page, via twitter (@blairepalmer), Instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or by email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). And please review this podcast on iTunes as it helps us move up the ranking and allows more people to find us. Thanks!

  68. Thumb 1530989406 artwork

    Episode 39: How Integrated is your life?

    We are back! Series 2 of the Punks in Suits podcast is here. Over the summer I've been reading and making connections between what I've been learning about and leadership. I've had a few a ha moments! Today's topic is Integration, specifically, how integrated the different parts of your life are. If your life is out of whack in one area, e.g. work dominating, no amount of coaching, therapy or meditation will give you a sense of peace. If you want to share your experiences of blending the boundaries between work and the rest of your life or the challenges you are having trying to do that (no one said it was going to be easy), we'd love to hear from you! Twitter: @blairepalmer Instagram: @blairelyspalmer Email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com And please rate this podcast on iTunes as that pushes it up the rankings and we get more people listening! Thank you!

  69. Thumb 1530989405 artwork

    Episode 38: Listen Up!

    This week's podcast is all about listening! But before you switch off, thinking we're talking about Active Listening, listen again! In today's show I'm exploring the least common type of listening. I don't want to spoil it for you but it's this kind of listening that's required if you are intending to drive any kind of change, that involves people, through your organisation. I will be taking a break from the podcast for August to rest and come up with a fresh lot of ideas for you. You can still stay in touch via instagram (@blairelyspalmer), twitter (@blairepalmer), email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) or our Punks in Suits Facebook page. And do sign up for the new newsletter. Just go to www.thatpeoplething.com and scroll to the bottom of any page. I'm back in September. I wish you a fantastic month and look forward to talking to you again in the Autumn!

  70. Thumb 1530989404 artwork

    Episode 37: Reinventing Organisations, with Charlie Efford

    One of the most influential books for me of the last couple of years is Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organisations which reinforced many of the ideas I had been having independently about what is not working any more about big business. I've been wanting to share these ideas with you and found the perfect opportunity when I met Charlie Efford, who shares my enthusiasm for these concepts. In our conversation on this week's podcast we talk about Charlie's professional history and the unusual route he took to the work he does today. Then we go through the main ideas in Reinventing Organisations. And finally we discuss what comes after "Teal". All will be revealed as you listen! Please stay in touch via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). And please remember to review the podcast on itunes as it really helps more people know about it! Thank you!!

  71. Thumb 1530989403 artwork

    Episode 36: Feedback isn't for wimps!

    I really don't like getting feedback. I don't naturally respond well! So I've had to learn some techniques for receiving it, given that I think it's actually really important to know what people think and how your messages (intended and unintended) are being received. In this week's podcast I talk through some practical ways to react to feedback even when it isn't given in the most skilled manner. I'd love to know how you have learnt to respond better to feedback and what you take on board (versus what you decide not to take on board). Stay in touch via instagram (@blairelyspalmer), twitter (@blairepalmer), email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) and don't forget to sign up to the newsletter on our website (www.thatpeoplething.com). If you like this podcast please rate it and leave a review as that pushes it up the ranking and means more people get to know about it. Thanks!

  72. Thumb 1530989402 artwork

    Episode 35 - What if, what if, what if?

    Hi! In this week's episode of the Punks in Suits podcast I share some exciting personal news and the 3 beliefs I've had to let go of in order to make this personal life choice. I often say how important it is to reflect - to think before you make a decision and to question the assumptions that are keeping you stuck but also to think after you make a decision about what you've let go of. Often when you let go of a belief in one scenario you realise taht belief also kept you stuck in a variety of other scenarios. Letting it go means a number of possibilities in your life open up! Fun stuff! I've started a blog called What Do You Do All Day? (http://whatdoyoudoalldayblog.blogspot.co.uk/) about this personal adventure. Feel free to check out post 1! Meanwhile do stay in touch on all the socials - Instagram (@blairelyspalmer) Twitter (@blairepalmer) Facebook Group (Punks in Suits) Email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) Web (www.thatpeoplething.com) where you will find the newsletter sign up! Or just cut through all that and call me!

  73. Thumb 1530989401 artwork

    Episode 34: Being Boss - With Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

    Today's show is a conversation with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss Podcast fame. These two are real leaders - their podcast has become huge partly, I think, due to their down-to-earth yet fiesty and authentic approach to their work and their lives. In their show they help creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses and improve their lives but here they offer a fascinating insight in to how they think and what drives them as creative entrepreneurs themselves. This show is ideal if you run your own company or are thinking of doing so. But it's also important if you work for big business to understand the mindset of people who would probably never work for anyone but themselves. Numbers of business owners are rising, particularly in the over 55 category, and not only does that mean your talent is attracted to such a lifestyle but they could be setting themselves up in competition to you. They don't need your global infrastructure to make a big impact, as Emily and Kathleen show. For more about them go to https://beingboss.club/ And please sign up to the That People Thing newsletter, first issue coming out in the autumn. Just go to www.thatpeoplething.com and scroll to the bottom of any page. Stay in touch via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). And please share this podcast. We love when you do and it means more people get to hear how they can reveal more Punk underneath their suit!

  74. Thumb 1530989401 artwork

    Episode 33: Secret Source - An Interview with Tom Nixon

    Tom Nixon was one of the founders of NixonMcInnes, Europe's first dedicated social business consultancy, working with a number of big name global brands. He's now an adviser to Founders helping them to grow businesses with purpose that they can be proud of. I interviewed Tom before I had started doing a podcast. I recorded it so I would have it for reference and I thought at the time that I would provide the whole interview as added collateral for anyone who read the book (which I still haven't written!). But I thought it was time to dig it back out and share it with you because it's so good! You don't have to be a founder to get a lot of ideas from listening to Tom. And, if you work in big business, you probably don't get to meet people like Tom very often. He's exactly the breed of next stage leadership thinker that we need to be listening to if big business is going to have any relevance in future. Check him out at www.tomnixon.co.uk and have a look for his latest project, Maptio.com, a mapping tool for self-managing organisations. The site isn't live yet but you can sign up to get updates as the project progresses. To stay in touch with me, or find out how you can work with me and bring more of these ideas and ways of thinking in to your business check out the website at www.thatpeoplething.com or just email me at blaire@thatpeoplething.com. I'd love to hear from you. We also really value your comments and reviews so do go to iTunes and let us know what you think (especially if you liked it!!)

  75. Thumb 1530989398 artwork

    Episode 32: 5 Ideas That Change Your Perspective

    There are some basic beliefs that I hold which I frequently share with clients. So much so that I wanted to share them with you too! I'm not necessarily "right". But no coach is completely neutral and so it makes sense for a coach to be upfront about the way they see the world. Clients can use this as a jumping off point - I don't agree...so what do I believe? Or they can see the world through the eyes of the coach and notice something different. Or they can simply observe that there is more than one way to see things. There is no right answer. Today I'm talking about why I believe in Being Here Now, why I think most people are NOT idiots and that work doesn't have to be painful. And more! I'd love your thoughts via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) and on our Punks in Suits facebook page. Please remember to share this podcast and leave a review. Thank you!

  76. Thumb 1530989399 artwork

    Episode 31: Other People Are So Annoying!

    What can you do when it's everyone else's fault?! It's all very well looking inside for the answers and adjusting your own behaviour and outlook but maybe the problem is other people and their behaviour and outlook, right? In this episode I share a brilliant process called The Work, created by the wonderful Byron Katie. If you want to know more you MUST go to her website and download the Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet and follow her more detailed instructions (www.thework.com). However I wanted to share the way I use this process with clients and with myself. It is, for me, a great way to look at other people (and yourself) in a new way, and give yourself new options as to how to deal with struggles that appear to be outside your influence. I'd love to know how you get on. Please stay in touch via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and via The Punks in Suits Facebook page. You can find out more about how I work with clients by visiting www.thatpeoplething.com or by giving me a call. The number is on our site. I'd love to hear from you!

  77. Thumb 1530989398 artwork

    Episode 30: Naps, Breaks and Reflection

    Hi! Big news - I took a nap! And the world didn't crumble. In this week's episode I muse on napping, the science behind taking breaks and the real purpose of reflection. We are so hard wired to work long hours, to fear looking or feeling lazy, to be actively in production that we ignore all the signs that human beings aren't built to operate that way. These thoughts are taking me to some radical conclusions...but more of that in future episodes. For now I'm focusing on breaking the cycle and finding a way to get just as much accomplished without doing so much. Stay in touch on instagram (@blairelyspalmer), twitter (@blairepalmer) and on our Punks in Suits Facebook page!

  78. Thumb 1530989397 artwork

    Episode 29: The Good Life Project with Jez Rose

    This week I'm talking to behaviourist Jez Rose about his new project - The Good Life Project. There's a lot of talk in business about engagement and employee satisfaction and "leaders" spend a great deal of time (and money on leadership development courses) trying to work out how to get a more "turned on" workforce. But what if it really isn't that complicated? What if the answer doesn't lie in fancy techniques and sophisticated models? What if we just need to feel connected with the natural world? In this interview with Jez Rose we talk about his research (and other research carried out over many decades) which shows that when we connect with nature our motivation, our wellbeing and our productivity all improve. Sounds crazy right? But it makes sense when you think about how even an image of nature can change your perspective on life. I hope you enjoy the episode! If you want more information about Jez's work go to www.thegoodlifeproject.info For the free wildflower seeds we talk about in the episode, go to www.freebeeseeds.co.uk You can follow Jez on Instagram @thebehaviourexpert and you can follow the Good Life Project on instagram @thegoodlifeprojectfarm. Stay in touch with me on instagram @blairelyspalmer, twitter @blairepalmer, via our website www.thatpeoplething.com and by commenting wherever you listen to this podcast! Thanks for all your support. It is so appreciated!

  79. Thumb 1530989395 artwork

    Episode 28: Finding Yourself Within the Big Trends

    I'm a leadership futurist which means I'm looking for business trends and how they will impact how we need to be to lead. But often the trends seem really BIG. Yes, you like the idea of Agile or Teal or AI but how can you make an impact when these concepts seem to require a massive change at the heart of business? In this episode I talk through some of the trends I've been nattering about lately and then how you, as an individual, can start to make a difference by turning your attention inward. That's where all change begins anyway. AND - Can you find the odd man out in the photo for this week's episode? Look carefully, something or someone is hiding in there... Stay in touch on twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). Check out our facebook page and visit us at www.thatpeoplething.com

  80. Thumb 1530989396 artwork

    Episode 27: The Coaching Habit - with guest Michael Bungay Stanier

    Author, speaker and Canada's first Coach of the Year, Michael Bungay Stanier, is my guest today on the show. And we're talking Coaching! I always say that leaders listen and that they particularly listen to the stuff they don't want to hear. Well, in this podcast Michael shares a few of the most important questions you can ask so that you can sit back and do some listening. In this way, by adopting a coach-approach, you move in to the role of "creating the space" rather than fixing all the problems. You're able to help others become leaders rather than having to drive everything yourself and you get to be exposed to ideas, perspectives and solutions that are new to you. Best-selling author Michael is so easy to listen to and he's made coaching something that anyone can do...and something anyone who claims to be a leader needs to prioritise. His new book - The Coaching Habit: Say less, ask more and change the way you lead forever - is on Amazon and available through all good book-sellers NOW! Stay in touch on twitter (@blairepalmer) and instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and via our Punks in Suits facebook page. And check out the new look website www.thatpeoplething.com Thanks!

  81. Thumb 1530989396 artwork

    Episode 26: Why isn't work more like home?

    We're so used to working the way we work - specific hours, sitting behind a desk, holding meetings in a meeting room, having lunch at lunchtime etc. etc - that we don't really questions whether that's the only way. This week, while visiting a client's lovely offices, I wondered why we treat work so differently to home. Why do we make our homes so relaxing, such an expression of ourselves but don't notice that our workplaces are bland, formal, highly structured and not necessarily conducive to thinking or conversation? If our primary contribution to our company is to do a lot of activity then this might make sense. But increasingly our contribution is down to the quality of our thinking and our relationships. Why don't we think more about this when designing workplaces and designing the format of our work - when, where and how we work? In this week's podcast I muse on some data that calls in to question how we currently work and whether it's really working for us and offer some thoughts that hopefully will spark your thinking. Stay in touch and please share this podcast! Twitter @blairepalmer Instagram @blairelyspalmer Email blaire@thatpeoplething.com Web www.thatpeoplething.com

  82. Thumb 1530989393 artwork

    Episode 25: Escape Velocity - An Interview with Lee Feldman

    Lee is a force of nature. Down to earth, humble and funny, he's also a guy who thinks and acts BIG. He was pivotal in revolutionizing how major companies used their websites back in the late 1990s, is more recently the founder of THNK Vancouver, and his latest project is to create Bicycle Mayors in every major city in the world in order to turn the bike, a 200 year old invention, in to the transportation mode of the future. I loved talking to Lee partly because he thinks so differently to much of the corporate world. Yet everything he talks about and the way he sees the challenges and opportunities facing business are practical and compelling. You don't have to run a small, funky tech company to be inspired by his approach - big business can get it too. We cover everything from his co-creation of Blast Radius, a web developer that played a massive part in changing how we use and understand the power of the web, to two personal tragedies that changed the direction of his life. We talk about THNK, take a peek inside the mind of a thought-leader and inspirational thinker, question a bunch of myths about business, climate change and what kind of leaders the world needs now and explore the power of simple pleasures. There is so much in this hour with Lee that I'm sure you'll take a lot away from it. You can find out more about THNK at www.thnk.org and about Cycle Space at www.cyclespace.nl Stay in touch with me via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). And check out the new look website where you can find all the podcasts, plus articles and information about working with That People Thing. www.thatpeoplething.com

  83. Thumb 1530989391 artwork

    Episode 24: If you stopped battling reality...

    Certain behaviour just drives you nuts, doesn't it? When things don't go the way you want, when people don't behave the way you expect them to, when life doesn't go as planned it causes stress and frustration. But when we fight reality we aren't able to resolve "what is" and instead we use all of our energy trying to make things how we want them or expect them to be. In this episode I talk about the battle with reality and how to notice and expose it so that you can disrupt the true reality. That's leadership. Check out our new look website at www.thatpeoplething.com and stay in touch on twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com)!

  84. Thumb 1530989392 artwork

    Episode 23: Presenting Made Easy

    Hi folks! People sometimes come up to me after a presentation and say they could never speak like that. Well, if they knew a few simple tips - things that I've learnt along the way that make the difference and that can easily be copied - they would be able to do it too. To prove it, I'm sharing some of the little things I do before and during a presentation that help me with nerves and that help me construct a presentation that works from the stage. I'd love to hear your tips too. So contact me via Twitter (@blairepalmer), Instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com) and let me know what you do to make a great presentation!

  85. Thumb 1530989391 artwork

    Episode 22: Agile Leadership Before Agile Organisation

    This week I'm speaking at the inaugural Agile Working Event in London. I'm anticipating a lot of talk about technology, processes and systems all of which are important to support an agile culture. But the culture bit comes first. Companies that expect agility to result from policies and technology without looking at the cultural mores of their workplace will find the same issues they have today, only magnified, when they attempt to be more agile. And whose job is it to create the culture? Leaders start. They can't do it alone, but someone has to start and by definition the people who start are the leaders. That's what's today's episode is all about. Please share your experiences with me on twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or by email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com)

  86. Thumb 1530989389 artwork

    Episode 21: Renting your job, or owning it? With guest, Mark Fritz

    Wherever I go, senior people tell me they wish their people would step up and take ownership of their job. So in this week's episode I talk to Mark Fritz who is all about ownership! I his keynote speeches and workshops he explores how to create a sense of ownership amongst your people and what that requires of leaders. I loved talking with Mark who is full of easy to remember concepts and tips. I'm confident you'll take a lot from it too. Stay in touch with me on twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com).

  87. Thumb 1530989389 artwork

    Episode 20: Punkify your Mind, with guest Joel Vos

    I'm delighted to introduce you to real-life punk, Joel Vos. Psychologist,Vos, AKA the Punk Professor, talks to me about Meaning, Mental Health and Punk. He's hugely knowledgeable and I love his academic but also very practical approach to the topic. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through his eyes for half an hour today. Twitter: @blairepalmer Instagram: @blairelyspalmer Email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  88. Thumb 1530989390 artwork

    Episode 19: Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.

    Should I do this? Shouldn't I be doing better than this? Shouldn't they listen to me? Shouldn't I have done something differently? This episode is all about shoulds and shouldn'ts. We look at 4 different kinds of shoulds and how to deal with them. From a leadership perspective, shoulds give you the impression that you don't have a choice, that you are duty bound to behave a certain way or that "that's just life". But shoulds are beliefs and assumptions. And true leaders don't simply accept beliefs and assumptions without first questioning them. I hope you find this week's podcast thought-provoking. Please stay in touch via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). And please feel free to share this podcast!!

  89. Thumb 1530989388 artwork

    Episode 18: Exposing the Hidden Curriculum - Yehudi Meshchaninov

    I'm so excited to introduce you to my guest this week. Yehudi is a fascinating guy, a team coach and org design specialist who asks some pretty big questions in his work, questions we would all do well to ask. In my solo shows I tend to focus on the inner work, but in my interview shows it's normally about these big questions - putting assumptions under the microscope and asking ourselves "What if there's nothing to these assumptions except conventional wisdom?". I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to Yehudi and I talk about education, organisational change, organisational design and what the business of the future will look like. Stay in touch on twitter @blairepalmer, instagram @blairelyspalmer or email blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  90. Thumb 1530989386 artwork

    Episode 17: Inner Work and Big Questions - The Future of Leadership Development

    Earlier this year I shared my view that there really isn't such a thing as "leadership development". But this doesn't mean you can't grow in to leadership or grow as a leader. The best leaders are endlessly curious and endlessly evolving. In this episode I share a few ways you can grow and evolve without anyone trying to teach you to lead. For me the only leadership development is inner work and big questions. But what does that actually look like? That's what I'm talking about today. I'd love your thoughts. Twitter: @blairepalmer Instagram: @blairelyspalmer Email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  91. Thumb 1530989383 artwork

    Episode 16: What's on the agenda in 2017?

    Over the last few years I've made predictions about what's going to be in the agenda in the year ahead. This year it's taken me a few weeks because the start of the year was dominated by other stories. But now I'm sharing my 4 themes for the year. These aren't new concepts by any means but if you're not thinking about them this year, and I mean really thinking about them, then you're way too late. Without giving too much away, how deeply are you considering agile, diversity, digital transformation and the relevance of global social unrest? Chances are all 4 of these topics are on the agenda. But what about the leadership implications? Are you really considering your responsibility as a leader when it comes to something like Agile Working? How far have you taken that thinking? Taken individually these concepts are just technical changes - new policies, processes and systems. They don't mean much. But taken together and seen through the lens of a radically changing world, they are all telling us something about how organisations of the future need to look, and what you need to start changing now to be relevant by then. Hope you enjoy! Twitter: @blairepalmer Instagram: @blairelyspalmer Email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  92. Thumb 1530989383 artwork

    Episode 15: Intimacy has a better tensile strength than logic

    I've been writing about, and consequently thinking about, feelings all week. The chapter of the new book, Punks in Suits, about Trust looks at the part emotions play in business and how important our ability to bring feelings in to the conversation is. One reason for this is that, very fast, computers are increasingly able to do things that have previously only been done by people. At some point these jobs will all be done by 'bots. Anything a bot can do - anything that is based on pure logic, data analysis, facts and process will be able to be done by a bot. What does that mean for humans and the workplace? Well, it means that if you say that you are able to leave emotion at the door and make decisions purely on scientific fact, you're basically saying that a bot can do your job. The truth is that, certainly for the foreseeable future, bots won't be able to empathise, sense, read between the lines or connect and therefore we'd better get good at doing that ourselves. Those might be the only jobs humans will be doing! And that ability to empathise, sense, read between the lines and connect is what makes humans great problem solvers, innovators and creatives - just the skills your business needs. If leaders are unable to connect with their emotions then maybe bots can do our jobs too! Instagram: @blairelyspalmer Twitter: @blairepalmer Email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  93. Thumb 1530989382 artwork

    Episode 14: Trust and Distrust - The Responsibility of Business

    In this episode of the Punks in Suits podcast I reflect on the concept of Trust, in the light of the publication of the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer (an annual, global survey of levels of trust in the 4 major institutions of goverment, media, business and NGOs) and the first week of President Trump. Trust is in crisis. 67% of Trump voters describe themselves as "fearful". The pace of innovation, globalisation, corruption and erosion of social values are cited as some of the main reasons people feel distrust. And all attention for fixing this is turned on government and the media. But business shares some responsiblity for creating the mess and therefore some of the responsibility to clear it up. How people feel about their work (if they even have work), and the behaviour of senior leaders, CEOs and Boards affects how trusting they are generally. Business cannot simply promote innovation and disregard the impact this has on those that get left behind. Business cannot simply treat people like disposable cogs in a wheel and then claim it's not their business when people feel social values are eroding. I have also written a short piece about this on LinkedIn if you follow me there. Please feel free to share this podcast, comment, review and start a conversation. What is the part business plays in repairing the state of trust? Twitter: @blairepalmer Instagram: @blairelyspalmer Email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  94. Thumb 1530989382 artwork

    Episode 13: Can Business Be Happy? An interview with Laurence McCahill

    This week I'm talking to the co-founder of Happy Start Up, a business school with a difference. Happiness - not the smiley-all-time kind but deep-sense-of-fulfilment kind - lies at the heart of their business philosophy. What if business could meet your personal needs, be an expression of your values and, by the way, do good in the world (even in some small way)? Laurence talks to me about the Happy Start Up Canvas - a 7 part, one-page business plan template that helps budding entrepreneurs think through the foundations of their business idea. However, after 17 years in business I found it useful to test my business model against these 7 areas too. What would your answers be if you ran your function, role, or company through the same template? If you run your own company, or are thinking of starting, you'll get lots of food for thought from Laurence. But if you work for an established, big business, I think you'll enjoy this insight in to the mind of the funky, start-uppy world that the disrupters come from. To share your views tweet (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). And please share this podcast and comment on iTunes! We're growing and we want more and more people to hear these ideas!

  95. Thumb 1530989383 artwork

    Episode 12: Re-Thinking Influence

    Do we need to re-think what we mean by "influence"? Often "influencing techniques" are tricks we use to get people to take us seriously, to do what we say, to get people to do what we want them to do. But what if influence really begins far before you actually have to change anyone's mind? What if it starts with you, your ability to connect with others and YOUR ability to change YOUR mind? That's what we're talking about in this episode. And we'd love your thoughts - twitter: @blairepalmer, instagram: @blairelyspalmer, email: blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  96. Thumb 1530989381 artwork

    Episode 11: What if there is no such thing as leadership development?

    Welcome back to the first episode of 2017! In this show I talk about leadership not as a profession (like being a lawyer or doctor) but more as a way of being, more like being a citizen or a friend. When we attempt to professionailse leadership we end up with complex, theoretical approaches and the need to "teach" people how to do it. It becomes an academic endeavour. But if we see it as a way of being, learning to be a great leader is more like learning to be a great member of society. It is self-directed and self-determined. I'd love to know what you think of this idea! Also, if you are curious about how work might look in future we have a special promotional code that gives you access to a special price for tickets to the first "Agile Working Event" conference in London on March 29th, 2017. Listen to the show more for information. Please stay in touch via twitter (@blairepalmer), instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or email (blaire@thatpeoplething.com). We love hearing from you!

  97. Thumb 1530989381 artwork

    Episode 10: My Inspirations from 2016 Shared

    In this, the final episode of the Punks in Suits podcast for 2016, I share the 10 books, podcasts and concepts that have inspired me the most during 2016. You may even get a few gift ideas from it! I'm back on 9th Janurary 2017 but meantime do stay in touch on instagram (@blairelyspalmer), twitter (@blairepalmer) and on the Punks in Suits Facebook page. Have a wonderful festive season and a happy New Year!

  98. Thumb 1530989380 artwork

    Episode 9: Breaking Cultural Laws...with guest Sally McCutchion

    What does it feel like to walk away from the security of a management job in a big company to start your own business, when you don't know what business you want to start? How does it feel when you start breaking unwritten "cultural laws" because of the way you've chosen to work, the philosophy that guides your life and the decisions you make about how you live? In this interview with Sally McCutchion, one of the UK's only Holacracy facilitators, we hear what her experience has been of all of this. Whether you're curious about alternatives to the hierarchical structure or whether you're asking yourself deeper questions about how you live and what's authentic to you, there's lots to inspire you in this interview. To contact me email blaire@thatpeoplething or you can follow me on instragram (@blairelyspalmer) or twitter (@blairepalmer) or join our new faceboo page, Punks in Suits. I'd love to read you comments and hear about your experiences.

  99. Thumb 1530989375 artwork

    Episode 8: The Journey to Self-Management via the Journey to Self

    I'm not saying that self-management is the future but it certainly represents an alternative to many of the baked-in issues of the hierarchical organisational structure. In this episode of The Punks in Suits podcast I talk to Alexander Maier, a Managing Director with Saint Gobain who is guiding his organisation towards self-management...putting himself out of the job in the process. He talks about what self-management looks like, some of the questions he and his colleagues are faced with and the personal journey that brought him to this point. A fascinating insight in to the mind of a forward-looking MD that raises lots of interesting questions about how we create organisations that allow people and their ideas to thrive.

  100. Thumb 1530989374 artwork

    Episode 7: What should you focus on?

    We are all so busy, right? There's never enough time to do everything. But what if 90% of what we spend our time on isn't making much of a difference? What if we could be spending our time on activity that really moved the dial, that really made an impact in terms of the purpose of our organisation and in terms of what we value in our lives? While this episode doesn't attempt to entirely address that challenge with one simple tool, I do introduce a tool I've developed recently to help me decide what to focus on. You can adapt it to your needs so easily. The upshot is, though, that leadership isn't about making the best of what you've got but about making tough decisions...often about what NOT to do. Please comment and review this podcast, share it with friends and come and see me on instagram (@blairelyspalmer) or talk to me on twitter (@blairepalmer). Thank you and enjoy!

  101. Thumb 1530989375 artwork

    Episode 6: Pop-up Leadership and Giving Away Power

    I'm often asked why people won't step up and take ownership even when the bosses in the organisation tell them they're empowered. But people can only be empowered to the same extent that you are willing to give away your power. In this episode I talk about standing in different positions in the organisation to see the world a different way, and inviting people in your company to stand where you stand and see what you see. Please contact me on social media with your experiences of leadership and your thoughts about the practices I am talking about. Instagram @blairelyspalmer, twitter @blairepalmer or email blaire@thatpeoplething.com

  102. Thumb 1530989376 artwork

    Episode 5: Leandra Ashton and the Art of Stillness

    I'm delighted that actress, producer and playwright Leandra Ashton was able to talk to me this week. Leandra has always been someone I've admired for her calm, centred approach to life, her massive creativity and her down-to-earth nature alongside her very great talent. In this episode we talk about the moment that Leandra realised she needed to slow her life right, right down and what the past few months have been like as she's explored what true balance actually looks like. This episode is perfect if you, like me, are often fueled by adrenaline, bring huge energy to your work and life and rarely take the opportunity to recover. Leandra speaks about her re-discovery of yoga and about her new philosophy. And she reminds us of something it's easy to forget in this hectic world - the tortoise won the race.

  103. Thumb 1530989376 artwork

    Episode 4: Needs, Values and Purpose - do they matter?

    In this week's Punks in Suits, I start by talking a bit about how the book is coming along (it's tough!) and what it's about. While writing I've changed my mind about the purpose of Purpose. So in this podcast I reveal my current thinking - the relevance of identifying your needs and getting them met, identifying your values and making changes to live in alignment with those, and whether you, as a leader, need to have a purpose. Please remember to share, rate and review the podcast. It's still new and we are trying to get the message out to anyone who wants to think afresh about what leadership really entails. And follow me on Instagram (@blairelyspalmer) and twitter (@blairepalmer). I love getting feedback and ideas for the show plus hearing about your experiences!

  104. Thumb 1530989375 artwork

    Episode 3: Beliefs, assumptions and biases will trip you up!

    In Episode 3 of the Punks in Suits Podcast we talk Assumptions! Assumptions will get in the way of your true authenticity, they will limit your creativity, they will cloud your best, intuitive decision-making and make it tough for you to bring about change. Given that leaders look at what is (which you can't do when your judgement is clouded) and what could be (which you can't do when your judgement is clouded) and disrupt the status quo to bring about change (which you can't do when your judgement is clouded) discovering what's clouding your judgement is pretty important! Today, with a bit of help from Albert Einstein, I will be talking about how to discover the biases and baggage you bring to your thinking, your conversations and your listening and how to bust them wide open. Please connect with me on Instagram @blairelyspalmer, twitter @blairepalmer or email blaire@thatpeoplething.com to keep the conversation going! (And listen right to the end for the outtakes!)

  105. Thumb 1530989375 artwork

    Episode 2: The Punks in Suits Podcast - Helping Leaders Work Out How to Lead in Fast Changing Times

    In Episode 2 of the Punks in Suits Podcast I talk about leadership as something temporary, where you sometimes lead and sometimes make way for others to lead, I bust a few myths about the myriad qualities people assume you need in order to qualify as a leader and encourage you to let the mask drop. What does that mean? Well, it's all the gloss and polish, this very narrow part of ourselves that we allow to show up at work. Doing that requires real bravery. But what if, instead of hiding your weaknesses, your mistakes were prime opportunities for personal growth and for making connections with the people around you? This episode is a solo show, just me and you having a bit of thinking time together. Let me know what you think! Please comment, rate, review, subscribe and share this podcast!I'm @blairepalmer on twitter and @blairelyspalmer on Instagram. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Episode 1: The Punks in Suits Podcast - Helping Leaders Work Out How to Lead in Fast Changing Times

    In Episode 1 of the Punks in Suits Podcast I introduce myself and some of the themes of the podcast to come. The world is changing and we're not in the Industrial Age anymore. That means how we see leadership has to change too. But most models of leadership are based on Industrial Age approaches to managing people as if they are poorly functioning machines, and they simply don''t work any more. In this podcast I share what's changing, why it matters and what shifts in perspectives you can make to really make a difference in your organisation whether you're a member of the Board or an individual contributor without a team. In Episode 1 we cover my inspirations and why I do the work I do, the part that ego plays in leadership and the price leaders pay for that, the need to create gangs of leaders rather than trying to be the lone hero and why on earth this show is called Punks in Suits. Please comment, rate, review and share this podcast! I'm @blairelyspalmer on Instagram and @blairepalmer on twitter. I look forward to hearing from you!

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